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We want our music lovers, musicians and audiophiles to feel luxury at the palm of their hands. That is why we’ve designed and launched our new protective puck case. It’s for those craving a sophisticated yet durable case to store their CIEMs in. It’s made out of machined aluminum and the insert displays our CIEMs as jewelry in a case. The custom inside insert that we’ve designed here at 64 Audio especially for this puck provides room for you to store all your most precious CIEMs accessories, like your apex modules, cleaning tool and desiccant. The best part is that it comes with a personalized message to let you know how much we pay attention to detail here at 64 Audio.


Puck Case Features:

  • Material of the puck case is machined aluminum
  • Durable and water resistant
  • 3.3" Diameter (84mm)
  • 2.25" Height (57mm)
Ships in: 2 to 4 days


Personalized 64 Audio Aluminum Case

Cleaning Tool

Shirt Clip

Small Desiccant