Ordering Custom In-Ear Monitors is easy with 64 Audio - just follow these simple steps.

(For a more detailed explanation we've written a blog-post that outlines the process step by step.)

Design & Order

Start by going to one of the Custom In-Ear Monitor product pages and select the "order now" button. Design your perfect set of Custom In-Ear Monitors and place your order. After completing the checkout process you will receive an order confirmation email outlining the next steps. The email will also include a link to our Impressions Guide. Your audiologist will need to follow this guide in order to cast your ear impressions to our specifications.

Download our Ear Impressions Guides

You'll use the three documents from this PDF in the remaining three steps.

Impressions Guide

Get Your Ear Impressions

Custom In-Ear Monitors require ear impressions. Find an Audiologist near you and schedule an appointment to get ear impressions done for custom in-ear monitors.

Take the Audiologist Impression Guide to your appointment to ensure your ear impressions are taken to our standards.

Please note, the cost of your ear impressions must be paid directly to the Audiologist and cannot be billed to 64 Audio.

Email Us Photos

Email us photos of your new ear impressions following images on the Customer Impressions Guide.

Taking clear photos from the angles outlined in the document is critical for our technicians to properly evaluate your impression.

Email your photos to You will receive a response in 2–3 business days.

Ship Your Ear Impressions

Once your ear impressions are approved, you're ready to ship your ear impressions.

Complete and include the Impressions Packing Slip. This is critical for us to accurately and quickly matching your ear impressions to your online order from step one.

Please note, we highly recommend using a shipping method that provides a tracking number (e.g., FedEx, UPS, DHL). Customers, both domestic and international, are responsible for all courier fees, import taxes, and/or customs charges where applicable. 64 Audio does not take responsibility for lost or stolen shipments before receipt has been confirmed by an official 64 Audio representative.

Please ship your ear impressions and Impressions Packing Slip to:


4510 NE 68th Dr. Suite 102

Vancouver, WA 98661 USA

Allow up to one business day for processing after your ear impressions arrive at the 64 Audio lab. Once processed, you will receive a confirmation receipt of your ear impressions.