Handcrafted Comfort

3D-Fit technology preserves the detail of your ear impressions using a new process of digital rendering and 3D-printing. Compared to conventional wax-dip molding, this process reduces distortion in the impression for the most precise and comfortable custom in-ear monitors available. All of our Custom In-Ear Monitors and Custom Earplugs are crafted using this process.


A great fitting pair of custom in-ear monitors begins with a quality set of ear impressions. Each impression is digitally scanned and refined by our technicians to preserve each detail for a perfect fit.


Final shells are printed by our state-of-the-art 3D-printer using a hypoallergenic acrylic. The colors and materials we use have been specifically chosen for longevity and durability. This process also allows the digital renderings to maintain their detail for optimal comfort.


Once shells are printed, our production team refines, smoothes, and assembles the remaining components by hand. This process ensures each Custom In-Ear Monitor is a unique piece of tailor-made art for each customer.