in-ear monitors

Elevate Your Gaming

Studio resolution. Low profile comfort. Minimal fatigue. Unrivaled immersive audio.

Minimal Fatigue

Pressure relief designed for hours of extended comfort. Patented Apex technology protects your hearing system from unnecessary pneumatic pressure which would otherwise result in ear fatigue.

Low Profile Comfort

Say goodbye to the unsightly “head-dent” of bulky over-ear headphones. Whether you’re streaming or gaming on your own, In-Ear Monitors allow you to hear your game with unrivaled detail without being physically intrusive and uncomfortable.

Studio Resolution

Developed alongside the world’s most credentialed audio engineers; get the same level of audio resolution as the world’s most demanding professionals. Artists from Beyoncé to Bon Jovi rely on 64 Audio products to accurately monitor their live and studio performances.

Immersive Audio

Experience the sound of your game in and around your head like never before. Holographic center imaging, unmatched by any over-ear headphones or speakers, allows you to realistically “hear” from the perspective of your character. A wider and more realistic sonic image adds to your sense of “space,” giving you the competitive edge in every environment.


(Escape From Tarkov Streamer/Content Creator)

Custom A12t

“Think of them like earbuds but way WAY nicer. To me, I can hear the difference between these and a cheaper set. It’s all what you value.”


(Gamer and Twitch Partner)

Trio, Fourté & Custom A6t

“64 Audio was a huge improvement to my streaming setup. I can wear them comfortably for long hours and the sound quality is unmatched. They make pinpointing sounds while gaming effortless.”

Kyle Fraser

(Lead Sound Designer 343 Industries)

Duo & U6t

“This was definitely my best experience with IEMs to date, it felt like I was wearing an open back set of headphones. They were comfortable to use for extended periods of time.”


(Twitch Partner)

Custom A6t

"Whether I’m gaming or just listening to music, the A6ts blow my mind. I hear fine details I wasn’t able to before and I’ll never go back to a regular headset."


2 Drivers


Nio sound singnature chart

tia • apex • LID

Universal Ear Tips


6 Drivers


Nio sound singnature chart

tia • apex • LID

Universal Ear Tips


9 Drivers


Nio sound singnature chart

tia • apex • LID

Universal Ear Tips

Custom Fit

2 to 18 Drivers

$499.00 - $2999.00

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Model Specific

Custom 3D Printed Shell