tubeless transparency

Tia, or Tubeless In-Ear Audio, allows sound to travel to the ear in a more natural way, resulting in a more expansive soundstage and smooth frequency response. The complete tia system is comprised of three elements: open balanced armature drivers, a single-bore design, and acoustic chambers. All but two of our current Custom In-Ear Monitors feature a tia single-bore and tia high driver. Our tia Trió™ and Fourté™ models feature the complete three-part system.


The tia driver is an open balanced armature speaker design that brings new meaning to resolution and transparency. By opening a balanced armature, the diaphragm becomes fully unobstructed, unleashing the sound potential of the driver. This eliminates a lot of the vibrations and resonances that are inherent in conventional, closed balanced armature designs. With this new method of producing and delivering sound to the ear, conventional sound tubes and dampers are no longer necessary.


The single-bore design is a huge leap forward in eliminating unwanted tube resonance. The large bore itself serves as a sound-shaping chamber and aids the tia high driver in delivering a linear and coherent frequency response. Because of the extremely short sound path of the tia high driver, a remarkable high-frequency extension and smoothness is achieved. The large single bore also helps prevent clogging of the tip and obstruction of sound.


The tia acoustic chambers further shape the sound of the tia drivers. These chambers optimize driver performance by giving them their own space and tune the drivers without introducing unwanted resonances. Each driver is perfectly matched to its acoustic chamber just like a pair of speakers are tuned to a studio control room, delivering a three-dimensional soundstage unmatched by any other IEM.