CNC Milled From Aerospace-grade Aluminum

Visually Inspired By Natural Formations

Our industry-first, tubeless technology eliminates sound-altering dampers and tubes. This reduced resonance reveals a new level of resolution and transparency.

This pneumatically interactive vent relieves air pressure in a sealed ear canal, alleviating listener fatigue and opening the soundstage.  

Enjoy a steadfast sound at any venue. From studio to stage, this proprietary circuit ensures your IEM's sound signature stays the same no matter what it's plugged into.

-Electrical low pass filter

The electrical low pass filter lowers distortion by eliminating unwanted frequencies. It does this with an electrical circuit that eliminates target frequencies before they reach the driver. An acoustic damper (old technology) doesn't actually prevent frequencies from getting to the driver, it merely blocks frequencies from getting to the ear. At higher volumes acoustic dampers can introduce unwanted distortion through vibration and air movement.

New 8-Braid Silver Cable


- 8 Conductors

- .28ohm Total Impedance

- Pure Silver Plated Oxygen-Free Copper Wire

- 65 Strands of 44awg Wire

- Low Microphonics

  • - U18s Universal In-Ear Monitors
    - TrueFidelity Eartips (S,M,L)
    - Silicone Eartips (S,M,L)
  • - SpinFit Eartips
    - Ear Tip Holder
  • - 8-Braid Silver Cable
  • - Branded m20 apex Modules
    - Branded m15 apex Modules
  • - Branded mX apex Modules
    - Round Sticker