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Cables & Adaptors

Professional Cable


Ultra-low resistance, Silver-Plated Copper (SPC) cable. Color options: Black and Pearl White, both have a matte finish. Length options: 48" and 64" 6-month warranty.

Premium Cable


Ultra-low resistance, Silver-Plated Copper (SPC) cable. Hand-soldered 2-pin connectors and 3.5mm gold-plated connector. Only available in a Black color and 48" length.

Mic Cable Adaptor


This adaptor is designed to be used with our Microphone Cable.

1/4 Adapter


Accepts a 1/8 inch (3.5mm) stereo plug and converts to a 1/4 inch stereo phone jack. A great way to plug your in-ear monitors (IEMs) and earphones into listening devices with a 1/4 inch jack. All accessories come with a 90-day warranty unless otherwise listed.

Cable with Mic


The 48" Cable with Microphone is a great way to control your music and take phone calls when on the go. It features the standard 2-Pin IEM connector on one side and the 3.5mm (1/8") audio jack on the other side. Each 2-Pin connector is marked with a red or blue dot. Red=Right, Blue=Left. Attach each side with the colored dot facing up. This cable has a four-conductor TRRS connector (3.5mm, 1/8" jack) and may not work with audio equipment that doesn't support the TRRS connector. Because of this, all Cable with Microphone accessories come with the Microphone Cable Adaptor. This cable is now compatible with ALL models including our A-Series, U-Series, and legacy V-Series models. How to use the single button control on the Cable with Mic: Music Controls: A short press of the button will pause your music or resume music playback. Two short presses will skip to the next music track. Call Controls: A short press of the button will accept the incoming call and another press will end the call. Voice Controls: Press and hold the button utill your phone’s voice assistant turns on. Android devices may require you to press and hold the button an additional time once the voice assistant is on before commands can be spoken. This cable comes with a 6-month warranty.

Tour Pack


Tour Pack contains: 3 x Black Replacement Cables, 2 x Pearl White Replacement Cables, 5 x Cleaning Tools, 5 x Shirt Clips

Maintenance Tools

IEM Cleaning Tool


A wire loop on one end and a brush on the other helps keep your in-ears in peak condition after each use.

Replacement Filters


Easy to remove and install replacement filters from FiR Audio for the Headphone VAC and the Headphone VAC Jr.

Jodi-Vac Needle


Delicate parts are often subject to unintentional stress that can result in damage. Whatever the circumstance this metal replacement needle for the Jodi-Vac Consumer has you covered. All accessories come with a 90-day warranty unless otherwise listed.

Small Dehumidifier


A rechargeable dehumidifier designed specifically for the 64 Audio Personalized Case. Place directly in case for best results.

Jodi Flex Needle


This Flexible Needle is made of a plastic which can conform all the bends and turns in your canal stem for a better clean used with our Jodi-vac.

Large Dehumidifier


Large Dehumidifier (Jar)

Tip Replacement Kit


The VAC Tip Replacement Kit has everything you need to keep your FiR Audio Headphone VACs up and running smoothly.

VAC Jr. Case


An optional hard carrying case for the Headphone Vac Jr. and Accessories.

Jodi-Vac Consumer


The Jodi-Vac Consumer is a compact, portable, affordable in-ear monitor cleaning solution.

The Cable Tester Jr.


The Cable Tester Jr. from FiR Audio is your solution to quickly distinguish between a broken cable or an IEM that needs repair.

The Headphone VAC Jr.


The Headphone VAC Jr. is a powerful, compact, portable IEM cleaning solution from FiR Audio.

The Headphone VAC


The Headphone VAC is the most effective portable in-ear monitor cleaning solution from FiR Audio.

Working Mat


Take full advantage of this 12" by 12" mat that protects your workspace and keeps it clear of foreign materials and debris.

Protective Cases

Zipper Case


Our printed logo and mesh pouch designed to store your earplugs and in-ear monitors.

Personalized Case


Included with case: 1 x Cleaning Tool, 1 x Shirt Clip, 1 x Small Dehumidifier (for case)

apex Modules

Apex m20 Modules


The apex-m20 module has been made to provide -20dB of noise isolation. This module houses the apex technology.

Apex m15 Modules


The apex™ m15 module features a combination of dual ambient ports (that are larger than the single hole in the m20) and modified internals to achieve -15dB isolation at 350Hz (our standard measurement point) and an additional 4dB cut at 20Hz as compared to the m20, making it the middle ground between bass attenuation and isolation. This module houses the apex technology, featuring a pneumatically interactive vent that minimizes ear fatigue which results in a safer listening experience and a more rich and spacious sound. The apex m15 module is designed to work with the A-Series & U-Series earphones and EP-Custom Earplugs. Due to it's design, the m15 is easy to install – this means it can also be conveniently switched out with other modules for different levels of isolation and flavors of sound. Modules are sold in pairs only. All accessories come with a 90-day warranty unless otherwise listed.


Mojo Amplifier


The Mojo, by Chord Electronics, is the ultimate DAC/Earphone Amplifier. Get a 15% combo deal discount when you purchase a Mojo and any Universal-Fit IEM.


Silicone Ear Tips


A replacement set of Silicone Ear Tips for your 64 Audio Universal-Fit earphones. Made of a flexible yet durable silicone for a comfortable fit, yet easy to clean and maintain. All accessories come with a 90-day warranty unless otherwise listed. Package comes in 3 pairs of selected size:

TrueFidelity FoamTips


The TrueFidelity Ear Tips are the perfect companion to your 64 Audio Universal-Fit earphones. They offer complete acoustical transparency and don’t get in the way of the IEMs original sound signature. The ear tips are made of a high-density foam which is durable and easy to clean and maintain. Get the most out of your earphones today and hear the music as it was intended to be heard. Fits 5mm stems. All accessories come with a 90-day warranty unless otherwise listed. Package comes in 3 pairs of selected size:


Shirt Clip


Take control with one of these and put that loose cable in its place.



A gel lubricant by Tech-Care used to aid the insertion of your custom in-ear monitors.

ClearPlug™ Filter


Etymotic brand ClearPlug filters for previous generation custom musician earplugs.