2 Driver Earphone


Most Affordable A-Series IEM, two drivers in a single package, neutral sound, tuned vent for improved bass, Single high, Single Low/Mid. 2-way crossover.


3 Driver Earphone


Triple driver custom earphone with added clarity and headroom. Single High, Single Mid, Single Low. 3-way crossover.


4 Driver Earphone


Quad driver custom-fit in-ear monitor (IEM) with enhanced sub-bass. Single High, Single Mid, Dual Low. 3-way crossover.


6 Driver Earphone


Six driver custom fit earphone. Increased clarity and headroom throughout entire frequency range. Dual High, Dual Mid, Dual Low. 3-way crossover.


8 Driver Earphone


Eight driver custom fit earphone. Enhanced bass reproduction and headroom. Smooth treble. Dual High, Dual Mid, Quad Low. 3-way crossover.


12 Driver Earphone


12-driver, custom fit earphone with tia high driver. Warm sound with remarkable headroom, clarity and spacial imaging. 4 Low, 6 Mid, 1 tia high, 1 high-mid. 4-way crossover.


18 Driver Earphone


Flagship, 18-driver, custom fit earphone. Designed for the most demanding listeners who are looking for the ultimate in reference sound. 1 tia™ High, 1 High-Mid, 8 Mid, 8 Low. Integrated 4-way passive crossover.