The U4-SE is a Special Edition version of the popular 64 Audio U4 model. Designed for discerning listeners who crave detail and clarity but don’t want to sacrifice the presence of an impactful low end. In this model, 64 Audio placed the patent-pending apex module even closer to the speakers to relieve air pressure before it enters the ear canal. This makes for a wider sound signature, with a leaner bass that allows the mids to be more transparent and still provides incredible balance throughout all frequencies.

This product has been discontinued or is not currently available for sale.

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Quick-Start IEM Guide

Whatever budget or tone you're looking to fit, 64 Audio IEMs will deliver pristine results. However, each person's individual preferences are as diverse as the musician themselves; and since no one knows what you want better than you, we'd like to point you in the right direction to get there faster.

Here is a quick guide with some of our recommendations for common musical categories and applications. From this point, you may tailor your IEM choice to your taste.


  • Singer - U12t, U18t

  • Guitar - U12t, U18t

  • Drummer - U12t, U18t

  • Bass - U12t, U18t

  • Keyboard - U12t, U18t

  • Engineer - U12t, U18t, Trio, Fourté

  • DJ - U12t

  • Audiophile - U12t, U18t, Trio, Fourté