The Headphone VAC Jr.

The Headphone VAC Jr.

The Headphone Vac Jr. by FiR Audio is the IEM vacuum tool with the best value on the market. It's everything amazing about The Headphone Vac, yet smaller, making it the perfect size for maintaining your personal sets of IEMs. You can quickly and easily remove earwax and keep your ears sounding perfect in any environment from backstage to your home.

Take a few minutes after each use of your IEMs to ensure that you are removing wax before it builds up and requires professional service. You do not need to see in the tiny sound ports, it is more of a gentle “feel your way” when vacuuming. When done every day your earphones will sound better and last longer.

Included Accessories:
Headphone Vac
12v Power Adaptor
Clear Tube with Accessories and Tips
2 Replacement Filters
User Manual

Dimensions: L: 121.9mm W: 66.5mm H: 34.8mm

Flow Rating: 6 Lpm

Ships in 1 Business Day

This product has been discontinued or is not currently available for sale.