U8 8-Driver IEM (Black)

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The 64 AUDIO U8 universal-fit earphones are premium, quad-low-driver "powerhouses". Special attention was put on enhancing the bass in such a way that it does not "overpower" the rest of the frequencies. The result is an incredibly powerful, dynamic and hard-hitting bass that allows the mid-range and high frequencies to stay clear and vibrant. This product is designed for bassists, drummers, keyboardists and anyone seeking a warm and immersive sound. The U8 also features the innovative apex™ technology. Apex (air pressure exchange) is a pneumatically interactive vent that dramatically reduces listening fatigue by releasing air pressure that is inherent in earphone designs.

Like all 64 AUDIO universal-fit products, the U8 earphones are inherently noise isolating and are designed to work well with a wide range of personal audio devices as well as all Personal Monitoring Systems.


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  • Cord Color & Length
    Black - 48"
  • Shell Color (U)
  • apex Module
    M20 (-20dB)
  • B-Stock
    1st Generation
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