U10 10-Driver IEM (Black)

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The 64 AUDIO U10 universal-fit earphones are the world's first true "reference" monitors. They're comprised of 10 masterfully tuned drivers per ear. The U10 is tuned for neutral bass, luscious but accurate mids and a silky-smooth top end, which sounds much like premium soft-dome tweeters. The U10s level of detail and depth of soundstage will reveal "hidden" subtleties and layers of sounds in every recording. Rediscover music all over again with the amazing realism and accuracy of the U10. This product is ideal for professional studio, acoustic performers, and the most discerning audiophiles. The U10 also features the innovative apex™ technology. Apex (air pressure exchange) is a pneumatically interactive vent that dramatically reduces listening fatigue by releasing air pressure that is inherent in earphone designs.

Like all 64 AUDIO universal-fit products, the U10 earphones are inherently noise isolating and are designed to work well with a wide range of personal audio devices as well as all Personal Monitoring Systems.


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  • Cord Color & Length
    Black - 48"
  • Shell Color (U)
  • apex Module
    M15 (-15dB)
  • apex Module
    M20 (-20dB)
  • B-Stock
    1st Generation
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