Premium Silver Cable

Warranty: 6 months
Ships in: 2 Weeks


An earphone is only as good as its cable. The Silver Premium Cable was designed to realize the full potential of our products so that every subtle nuance of the music can be heard from output to ear tip. 200 strands of Silver Plated Copper wire provide an exceptionally transparent audio signal without sound distortion or denigration and minimal micro-phonics. With SPC wiring, Silver Alloy Cores, and Silver Premium Audio Solder, the Premium Silver Cable is our lowest resistance cable available.
Available to order in three different gold plated terminations: Unbalanced 3.5mm Balanced 2.5mm Balanced 4.4mm (Temporarily Unavailable) Product Specifications: 26 AWG Ultra-Low Resistance 4-Braid Multi-Core Structure Premium Audio Solder Silver plated OCC & Silver Alloy