Simplify and speed-up repair and support services for your 64 Audio IEMs with a single flat fee.

If your product is still under warranty, please visit our warranty page to see what's covered.

Flat Fee Repairs

The following fees apply to damaged shells, sound issues, or other problems with your IEMs.

  • Repair Tier 1 - V2, A2, U2, A2e, V3, A3, U3, A3e, Qi, A4, U4, A4t, A5, V6, V6-Stage A6, U6, A6t, EPCs – $99
  • Repair Tier 2 - V8, A8, U8, N8, Nio, A10, U10, A12, U12, A12t, U12t, tia Trió™ – $199
  • Repair Tier 3 - A18t, U18t, tia Fourté™, Fourté Noir™ – $299

Note: V-Series and older products may receive minor repairs, but are not eligible for shell replacements or major shell reconstruction. For additional support on these products, please contact customer support.

These fees do not apply to IEMs defined as a Total Loss (see below).

Total Loss

A total loss occurs when one or both CIEMs are damaged beyond repair or more than half the drivers are destroyed. Regardless of the condition of your CIEM, you’ll need to send it in so we can evaluate the damage and recommend a repair plan.

Total loss fees to remake your CIEMs:

A2e, A3e – 30% off current retail price (MSRP)

A4t, A6t, N8, A12t, A18t – 50% off current retail price (MSRP)

If only one unit is a total loss, the fees outlined above are halved.

Premium faceplates or other customizations are restored at the full retail price.

Fit Adjustments

Fit adjustments are $99 outside of our 30-Day Fit Guarantee.

Deep Cleaning Service

Deep cleaning to remove debris and wax from your 64 Audio IEMs is $59.

Cleaning your IEMs after each use is highly recommended to prevent damage from ear wax. For at-home cleaning, check out our maintenance tools.