What if my custom in-ears are broken? Since we aren’t reusing the old parts to make you a new set it will not affect your participation.

What if I want to keep my old pair as a back-up? We won’t need your old in-ears to give you a discount so please feel free to keep them around.

What if someone else owned my custom in-ears and I had them remade to fit my ears? When a product is remade for a new owner it receives a new serial number, making you the legitimate owner.

What if I gave my old custom in-ears to someone? If you can provide the serial number for the product that you owned you will be eligible to participate.

What if I don’t have a serial number but I have made a purchase? Our customer service team will help locate your original order with a few key pieces of information. Please contact them at info@64audio.com or call 1-833-64-AUDIO.



To participate you must have purchased or owned a qualified product.*

20% off promotional pricing applies only to models A4t, A6t, N8, A12t, A18t, and A18s. 10% off promotional pricing only applies to model A3e. Accessories, apparel, faceplate customization options, and the A2e Custom In-Ear Monitors are excluded from the 10% and 20% off promotional pricing.

*A qualified product is any custom in-ear monitor previously manufactured by 64 audio that is no longer in production or available in the current line of 64 Audio products. This includes but is not limited to Triple Drivers, Quads, V-Series, and A-Series ([ADEL and Apex]).

Each qualified participant is entitled to one discount code per set of qualified products. Participants who have already redeemed a promotional code with an authorized serial number from a similar or former upgrade program offered to legacy product owners are not eligible. Once a serial number is redeemed it may not be used in any other current or future upgrade program, voucher, or promotion. To redeem a code you must provide the serial number of your in-ear monitors (located on the back of each earpiece), the original name of the owner, and/or the email address used at the time the order was placed. The Legacy Upgrade Program is available worldwide. Customers located in territories with exclusively operating distributors will need to contact their regional distributor to obtain the promotional offer. Exclusive territories include but are not limited to: Japan, Sweden, U.K., Germany, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and Singapore. For a complete list of our distribution partners and to find the nearest authorized dealer please go to www.64audio.com/dealers.