The following is an acknowledgement of what 64 Audio agrees to provide in exchange for use of content from Crossroads Community Church & The Responding in place for 1 year from December 2020- December 2021


Products and Service Provided


    • (1) Comped set (any model of choice)
    • 50% off A6t, N8, A12t, A18t and A18s models
    • Service and repairs: limited to cleanings and service/repairs outside of warranty terms (minor shell damage and cracks); considerations will be taken for broken/damaged or lost IEMs


Content for promotion consists of the following:

- Photos and videos produced by Crossroads Church & The Responding

- Online videos produced by Crossroads Church & The Responding (i.e. church gatherings, online streams and other various performances)

- Social media posts of music announcement

- Videos produced in collaboration with Crossroads Church & The Responding and 64 Audio

- Interviews and testimonials

- Product announcements from 64 Audio


Social media

- Consists of posts featuring photos/videos of 64 Audio IEMs while wearing them, using them on stage or any other creative ideas

- Use of #64fam as well as tagging @64Audio

- Post variously throughout the duration 1 year period

Collaborative content will be coordinated with 64 Audio Marketing and Houses of Worship team for on sight shoots.


By digitally signing this, you acknowledge that the above is effective December 2020 through December 2021 and that the details will remain strictly confidential between Crossroads Church & The Responding and 64 Audio.

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