Jodi-Vac Consumer

Warranty: 6 months
Ships in: 2 - 4 days


Keep your in-ear monitors clean and performing at their best with regular maintenance. The Jodi-Vac Consumer is a portable in-ear monitor cleaning vacuum. After each use, use the Jodi-Vac to clear our any debris in your IEMs. Each Jodi-Vac comes with a variety of attachments to accommodate your ear impression shape - you do not need to see into the tiny sound ports to clean them, it is more of a gentle “feel your way” when vacuuming.

Jodi-Vac comes with:

–Vacuum Unit

–Power Supply Unit

–Standard Needle

–Flexible Needle

–Product Manual

Important: Jodi-Vac ships with a standard IEC 320 C7 power cord for North American use. The power adapter supports both 120V and 240V and a “CEE style” power cord (not supplied) can be used for other regions.