Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between A-Series and U-Series?

The A-Series are custom in-ear monitors (IEMs), specifically made to the shape of your ear. The U-Series are universal-fit IEMs that fit to anyone's ear. They come with different sized ear tips to be able to fit ears that vary in size.

How do custom in-ears feel to people who have never used them before?

If you've never had custom earphones before it may take a little while for your ear to get used to something being in it. What to look for is discomfort or pain from wearing them. But if you don't feel any sharp pain, just give your ears a little time to get used to them and you'll forget that you have them in. If, however, the pain or discomfort continues, be sure to submit a fit adjustment using our Service & Repairs interactive form. We will work with you to adjust your custom in-ears monitors accordingly.

What is the warranty on my product?

Please see our Warranty page.

What are your terms and conditions?

Please see our Terms and Conditions page.

How long is the build time on custom products?

The build time is an estimate and varies depending on the product and the number of orders currently in the queue. You can check the build time for your particular model by visiting its Product Page that you can access from the Store Page. Please note that the build time begins once we receive your impressions and they are approved. If you have a specific deadline we highly recommend you use the rush build option.

How can I speed up the process?

We offer a rush build for an additional cost of $249. This can be selected at checkout in the Designer. The in-ear monitors (IEMs) would then take 6 business days to build.

What shipping service do you use for international orders?

We use FedEx International Priority (2-3 business days to most countries).

What is apex™ technology?

Apex technology features a pneumatically interactive vent that relieves pneumatic pressure (also known as air pressure) caused by miniature speakers in a sealed ear canal. With apex, this pressure is greatly reduced, the sound quality is improved, and the stereo image is much wider. This technology minimizes ear fatigue and provides a safer listening experience as well as a richer, more spacious sound when compared to conventional in ear products. In addition, instrument separation is more distinguishable because the sound is delivered to your eardrum in a more natural way. Learn more on our apex technology page.

Can I upgrade to the new apex™ modules?

If you are the owner of an A-Series or U-Series product, we thought that you might want to experience the benefits of the new modules. We’re glad to say that the new apex modules are backwards compatible with all previously shipped A-Series & U-Series in-ear monitors (IEMs).

Is apex compatible with my A-Series or U-Series earphones that I purchased earlier?

Yes, the apex modules are backwards compatible with all previously shipped A & U Series earphones.

How does apex™ compare to ADEL (previous tech)?

The apex module uses a proprietary technology that is developed and produced by 64 Audio. Apex contains a pneumatically interactive vent that greatly reduces pneumatic pressures inside an ear canal. The apex module doesn’t use a membrane and features a more durable design that is virtually maintenance free.

How does the new m20 module compare to the previous S1 module?

In regards to frequency response and soundstage, the m20 offers a similar/the same sound signature. However, the m20 offers more isolation (-20dB). The vent is intelligently located (on the side) to prevent debris build up and minimize wind noise. The m20 module is also improved for ease of use when installing or replacing the module.

Can I re-shell a pair of 64 Audio custom in-ear monitors that I've gotten from someone else?

We offer reshell service for 64 Audio custom in-ear monitors. The price depends on the model:

  • $349: All V-Series, A2, A2e, A3, A4
  • $399: A6, A8, A12t
  • $599: A18


Shipping is additional. Note that we cannot reshell in-ear monitors from another manufacturer.  Visit the Support page, enter the requested information (serial number can be found on the IEM) and select the "remold my earphones" option.



Can I remold my U-Series into custom earphones?

There is no remolding service available for the universal-fit U-Series in-ear monitors (IEMs). We are only able to remold the A-Series custom IEMs.

I have an issue with my earphones, where can I troubleshoot the problem?

You can troubleshoot the issue by going to our Service and Repairs form. If you’re not able to troubleshoot and solve the issue, still submit an Service & Repairs form for repair service and let us know the issue in the notes section.

What material are your custom in-ears made of?

The shells are made of hard acrylic plastic. It happens to be the most durable and the most hypoallergenic.

How long do you make the canal on your custom in-ear monitors?

The length of the canals on our custom earphones goes past the 2nd bend in the ear. We make them as long as possible without causing discomfort to your inner ear.

What are recessed sockets?

Recessed sockets help the cable and connector to last longer. The recessed connectors are deeper into the shell and the cable is held more securely thereby limiting wear and tear on the connectors. This improves the durability of the connection and prolongs the life of both the socket and cable connectors. All A-Series models come standard with recessed sockets. There are some cases where recessed sockets are not possible due to shape and size of ear, we will continue to make your product with the normal socket. This doesn’t affect the sound or function of the product.

I have a technical (sound) issue with my earphones and they need repair, what do I do?

You will need to fill out our Service & Repair form. Filling out the form will provide opportunities and directions for some basic troubleshooting. Our Service & Repair interactive form will allow you to document the issue that you are having and will instruct you to send your earphones to the 64 Audio lab for further diagnosis and repair.

I have a fit issue with the custom earphones and need an adjustment, what do I do?

Because of the many variables that take part in creating a custom product, sometimes the need for a fit adjustment is inevitable. We will refit your product or rebuild your earphones at our discretion. The Service & Repair form needs to be filled out and product sent to our lab within 30 days post receipt of your order to be covered by the 30 Day Fit Guarantee. 64 AUDIO covers the labor costs and shipping the refitted earphones from the lab back to the customer. The cost of shipping your product to our lab is NOT covered by 64 AUDIO.

I have a small fit issue but I'm an international customer. Any advice?

You can save on shipping time and costs if the issue just involves trimming down a section that is causing discomfort. If this is the case, we recommend that you take it to a local audiologist. They have basic tools on hand for trimming hearing aids and can make small adjustments to the custom IEM. Please send us an email notifying us before you take your earphones to a local audiologist for a refit. Please also read below on the impact of your warranty.

I need a refit. Can a local audiologist make the adjustments? Would that affect my warranty?

64 Audio cannot cover the fit of your product under warranty after an audiologist has altered it. In regards to the internal components, your warranty will still be in effect, EXCEPT for any damage the audiologist may cause. We cannot warranty any damage done by the audiologist, including the external shell and the internal components.

Who is an Audiologist?

An audiologist is a professional who diagnoses and treats hearing and balance problems. An audiologist has received an Au.D. (Doctorate in Audiology), or a Master's or Doctoral degree from an accredited university graduate program in audiology. They are also trained to take deep ear impressions. This kind of "deep" impression is required by 64 Audio in order to build your custom set of in-ear monitors (refer to Audiologist Impression Guide). All service fees are paid directly to the audiologist and cannot be billed to 64 Audio.

Do you offer custom artwork? Which format do you require?

If you would like artwork printed on your IEM faceplate, we accept high quality PNG, JPG, or GIF files. For best results, use PNG files with background removed (transparency layer). Artwork cannot be uploaded on Gold or Rose Gold faceplates. File sizes must be smaller than 2 megabytes. We recommend using Chrome, Safari, or Firefox web browsers with the custom artwork function. You can upload your custom artwork in the Designer when placing your order. Custom artwork is an additional $50.00 USD per side.

How can I recycle my used earphones?


You may return your used earphones to your local dealer store upon purchase of a new set of earphones from the local dealer. When purchasing new earphones online, you may mail your used earphones to 64 Audio. For details on return procedures, please visit the environment page.

What happens to my impressions after I send them to 64 Audio?

Each impression is scanned, electronically filed, and matched to its corresponding order. Once the order is shipped, the impressions are properly disposed of by 64 Audio.

What are the orange Solid Modules?

The orange Solid Module is used in our Custom Earplugs to achieve maximum isolation. Although it looks like an apex module it does not contain the pressure relief function of our apex modules and is not intended for use with any of our IEMs. All of our Custom and Universal IEMs are designed with the apex technology and achieve their intended sound signature and optimal function with apex modules installed.

If you need to replace a Solid Module or wish to exchange or otherwise acquire the Solid Module for use in our EP-Custom Earplugs please contact customer support.

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