Michael Brauer Uses 64 Audio A12’s for Critical Listening (VIDEO)

Recently, 64 Audio’s founder, Vitaly Belonozhko had the pleasure of speaking with Michael Brauer, the Grammy Award-winning mixing engineer for The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Coldplay, John Mayer, Aretha Franklin and many more. Michael and his assistants have been using custom 64 Audio A12s and A10s for several months in Brauer’s studio space at Electric Lady Studios in New York. He has some great things to say about his experience with our flagship A12s.   “When comparing the A10’s to A12’s, I prefer listening to the A12s. I find the bottom and midrange exactly as I imagine my mix to sound. The A10s also have a beautiful sound – a real clear midrange. I imagine classical music sounding amazing on them. I don’t use the 64 Audio in-ears to replace… [ Read the full article ]

EP-Custom EarPlugs with apex™ technology

64 Audio is proud to release the EP-Custom EarPlugs with apex technology ($199.00), the world’s most advanced custom earplugs, which offer more sophisticated hearing protection than any other plugs on the market. 64 Audio’s EP-Cs owe their effectiveness to the revolutionary apex technology and are manufactured using the same 3D FiT Technology that has drastically improved the precision of fit in our custom in-ear monitors.   Conventional hearing protection products present several disturbing problems. They hermetically seal the ear canal, which causes the occlusion effect and amplifies any sound by up to 60db. When the user speaks, chews, or even walks, any vibrations are transmitted directly to the eardrum through their cranium. With an open ear, pneumatic pressures created by vibrations in the body escape out of the… [ Read the full article ]

Employee Spotlight: Dave Chenk

  We hope that you enjoyed our last Employee Spotlight, which featured our beloved Dan Erickson. This time, we’re going to shine some light on one of the most unique and expressive members of the 64 Audio lab team – Dave Chenk. Dave Chenk has worked for 64 Audio for almost three years. According to him, that technically makes him “an old man at 64.”  Dave was one of 64’s first impression technicians, responsible for trimming raw impressions of customers’ ears into the signature shape of a finished 64 Audio IEM. Now, instead of working with the physical impressions, Dave uses a computer program to transform 3-D scanned impressions into digital 3-D IEM shells. The program that Dave uses is one that our technicians learned to… [ Read the full article ]

Employee Spotlight: Dan Erickson

  Dan Erickson has been a part of the 64 Audio family for almost two years now. Prior to coming to work for 64 Audio, he was repairing hearing aids for an audiologist. Not only did he arrive with a strong familiarity with repairs, but he boasts nearly 30 years of experience in the hearing industry. A couple of years ago, when Dan first came on board, every shell was poured by hand instead of printed with 3D technology. Dan was the technician who surfaced and drilled each empty IEM shell. He still does that for IEMs from previous generations that have been returned due to damage. Dan also inspects each newly printed shell as an early-action quality control before the shells are filled with… [ Read the full article ]

64 Audio – Employee Spotlight

64 Audio started with the discovery of a need for a higher quality personal audio solution for musicians, sound engineers, and audiophiles alike. The company was founded by Vitaliy Belonozhko, the second oldest of twelve, in 2010. What makes this company so uniquely different from any other IEM company is the artistic sound sculpting vision. Touring with the family band throughout the first decade of this century really gave Vitaliy a keen ear for what musicians need on stage. This vision lead the way to great success for his company. Vitaliy’s innovating enterprise is still both owned and operated by the Belonozhko family. 64 Audio represents more than just the Belonozhkos, though – we are a family of our own. We celebrate individual achievements as… [ Read the full article ]

64 Audio Announces A-Series and U-Series Earphones

PORTLAND, Oregon – September 1st, 2015 – 64 Audio (formerly 1964 Ears) announced today the launch of a ground breaking new line of professional in-ear monitors and consumer earphones. Both lines will have the revolutionary apex modules. The apex technology safely delivers a louder, more spacious and richer sound while minimizing the risk of hearing damage. 64 Audio will also be using a new process called 3Dfit Technology. This new in-ear impression manufacturing method will create a more accurate and comfortable fit for your custom in-ear monitors. A-Series Custom In-Ear Monitors A-Series is a new custom in-ear monitor offering a variety of speaker options from 2-speakers (in each ear) and up to 12-speakers (in each ear). Prices range from $599.00 USD to $1999.00 USD. Each of these products… [ Read the full article ]

WinterJam Tour 2015 Wins 64 Audio IEM’s

64 Audio had the privilege of sponsoring the largest annual music tour, the WinterJam Tour 2015. WinterJam is known to feature some the top names in Christian music such as NewSong, Building 429, Family Force 5, and many more. WinterJam kicked off their first of 47 nationwide tour dates on January 2nd in Charleston, West Virginia. This year’s 3-month long WinterJam Tour set a record for attendance, reaching 700,000 attendees. The tour ended with a sold out show in Peoria, Illinois on March 29th. 64 Audio was honored to have the opportunity to provide WinterJam artists NewSong, Building 429, and Family Force 5, with custom earphones. Throughout the tour, over 30,000 people entered a giveaway contest to win a 64 Audio Special Edition WinterJam custom earphones. Want to… [ Read the full article ]

64 Audio at the All-Star Grammy Salute to Stevie Wonder

“I do not plan on ever mixing another gig without my 64 Audio Ears,” – James Berry (Beyoncé, monitor engineer) 64 Audio was granted the opportunity to be a part of tonight’s All-Star Grammy Salute to Stevie Wonder: Songs in the Key of Life at which James Berry, monitor engineer for Beyoncé, was able to experience 64’s in-ear monitors and provide feedback from himself and his artist. James has always been an advocate for providing his artists (Stevie Wonder, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and Jennifer Hudson) what they want and need, all while protecting their hearing. “When I found 64 Audio, I found an in-ear monitor that is the perfect tool for all of my artists.” When asked about his thoughts on hearing health this is what he… [ Read the full article ]

The Danger of Wearing Only One IEM

We all know that in-ear monitors (IEMS) were designed to solve two issues: Save hearing and improve audio quality on stage. But if used incorrectly they may actually fail to do both. It is far too often that we see musicians and performers with one earpiece dangling on their chest. While it works as a nice wardrobe accessory it is actually dangerous to your hearing health. We’ll try to explain. There is a known phenomenon call binaural summation. You don’t have to remember the words but rather understand the concept. When you take one earpiece out, you lose 6db of perceived loudness. To compensate, most musicians will turn the volume up by about 6db (twice the loudness), which can be fatiguing and damaging to the… [ Read the full article ]

The V8 Model Release

64 Audio (formerly 1964 Ears) is redefining the rules of In Ear Monitors for musicians. PORTLAND, Oregon — March 3rd, 2014 — 64 Audio announced the launch of their newest product, the V8 Custom In-Ear monitor. These In Ear Monitors are designed for the most discerning listener and tuned with bass lovers in mind. The V8 is handcrafted with eight balanced armature drivers in each earpiece coupled to a three-way crossover that yields unrivaled sonic purity. Featuring a Triple Bore design, they allow for the IEM’s high, mid and low frequency sound components to be channeled through separate passages in the sound port. This approach results in a more convincing and transparent transition between frequency ranges. The new V8 also features CenterDrive™, a more advanced balanced… [ Read the full article ]

Earth Wind & Fire Brings It With 64 Audio

Earth Wind & Fire Brings It With 64 Audio “The 64 Audio monitors are fantastic. They’re great on the road, they’re sturdy and the sound quality – it doesn’t get much better” Verdine White, EWF Bassist (Portland, OR)  Earth, Wind & Fire, the iconic American band, has spanned the musical genres of R&B, soul, jazz, pop, rock, funk, disco and gospel for over forty years. They are one of the most successful and critically acclaimed bands of the 20th century. In September of 2013, they released their 21st album entitled “Now, Then, Forever.” Philip Bailey, Verdine White, and Ralph Johnson, three of the original members of EWF, along with ten other performers continue to tour the world with an incendiary live show. Providing on-stage monitoring for the band… [ Read the full article ]

Protecting Your Hearing While Wearing In-Ear Monitors

Protecting Your Hearing While Wearing In-Ear Monitors In-ear monitors (IEMs) have become the standard for stage monitoring and have been around for a decade and a half. They are used on the world’s biggest stages as well as that run-down karaoke bar down the street. While they offer some of the best audio fidelity possible, they can also be used to preserve one of your most precious gifts­­…. your hearing. Let’s face it, you’re going to slowly lose the ability to hear detail as you get older, but you can slow down this process by taking care of your ears. Here are 3 tips to make sure you are protecting your hearing while enjoying audio bliss: 1. Listening Volume. Listen to your mix at as low… [ Read the full article ]

3 Guidelines For Mixing In-Ear Monitors

In-ear monitors are advertised to be far superior in clarity, transparency and fidelity when compared to most traditional floor monitors. This is true, if your sound engineer is experienced in mixing for in-ear monitors (IEMs), but what about those people that went out and bought the most expensive pair of custom molds and had the worst experience of their life during the first show? It turns out that, in most cases, they never had a proper soundcheck, assuming that everything would “magically” sound great because they have a set of top of the line custom in-ear monitors. Here are 3 guidelines that will help you achieve a better in-ear monitor experience. 1. Ambience/FX.  In order to have a heavenly experience with your IEMs you have to… [ Read the full article ]