Free Custom Earplugs

64 audio in-ear monitors and custom earplugs sitting on a reflective black background

As a musician, your ears are your most important asset. They provide the immediate feedback you need to execute a killer performance and allow you to enjoy music to the fullest. Wearing in-ear monitors and earplugs can help protect your ears, so you can safely enjoy the music you love for years to come.

To help our artists protect their ears, we’re offering free custom earplugs with purchase of select in-ear monitors through May 31st.
• Receive free custom earplugs when you order an A4t, A6t, N8, A12t or A18t.
• Or 50% off a set of custom earplugs when you order an A2e or A3e.

How to Order:

1. Add a Set of Custom Earplugs to your Cart

2. Design Your Custom In-Ear Monitors and Add to Cart

3. Use Promo Code at Checkout: 64HearEverything


Please note, you must have BOTH your earplugs and IEMs in your cart at checkout.

The earplugs will NOT be automatically added.