You know us at 64 Audio, we love to make great things even greater…

We also love to personalize, hence our custom-fit in-ear monitors with custom artwork. So what about the carrying case? Introducing the option to add custom artwork to the carrying case!

Case Custom Artwork


This artwork addition is sleek and crisp, stepping up the game for your personalized gear. We use a unique UV printing and curing process to ensure that the artwork stays put, even when its tossed around in your bag or stuffed in with other music equipment. This beautiful high-quality custom artwork can be added to the top or bottom of your case for just $99 per side. 

This case is also protective, durable yet extremely ergonomic. It features a wrap and lock mechanism to keep the cable neatly wound. There is a built in dehumidifier that keeps away moisture to ensure that your earphones stay dry. The inside of the case has an intelligent design that stores not only your IEMs, but also all of your essential accessories such as Apex modules, Cleaning Tool, Shirt Clip and Ear Tips. Plus, you get a Cleaning Tool and Shirt Clip with every purchase!

When purchasing a new set of custom IEMs, add this new feature in the Options section of our Designer. Already have IEMs or purchasing a pair of universal fit earphones? You can also get the case as a stand alone accessory in our store!

If you’d like to keep up with our journey, be sure to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and of course, our newly designed websiteWe hope you enjoy the new artwork options! 


The Team at 64 Audio