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Hearing Health: A Musician’s Perspective

Close up of James Mead wearing 64 Audio in-ear monitorsMay 1-31, 2019 Free Custom Earplugs with purchase of select IEMs. Click here for details. Being able to listen to yourself as a musician is such a critical part of improving your skills and creating something new. We sat down with James Mead, our House of Worship Rep and guitarist and vocalist for Kutless, to get his take on what role hearing played in his career as a musician. Why don’t you start by telling us a bit about yourself. I am a founding member of the rock band, Kutless, and have toured professionally for over 17 years. I have been all over the world, almost to every continent, and met people from many different walks of life. I am passionate about evangelism and discipleship,… [ Read the full article ]

Reduce Listener Fatigue with apex™

64 Audio apex module sitting in front of black in-ear monitorMay 1-31, 2019 Free Custom Earplugs with purchase of select IEMs. Click here for details. Among musicians, apex™ is one of our most talked about technologies, and for good reason. Apex, or Air Pressure Exchange, is a pneumatically interactive vent that alleviates air pressure in a sealed in the ear canal. This venting addresses the most common issues surrounding conventional custom in-ear monitors. Alleviate Listener Fatigue Listener fatigue, or ear fatigue, is common for most conventional custom in-ear monitors. When you cover your ears or wear solid earplugs, you might hear a hollow or boomy sound. This phenomenon is called the occlusion effect. When the sound waves from your in-ear monitor start moving that trapped air around, it causes your eardrum to oscillate in an… [ Read the full article ]

How to Protect Your Ears from Hearing Loss

64 audio in-ear monitors and custom earplugs sitting on a reflective black backgroundMay 1-31, 2019 Free Custom Earplugs with purchase of select IEMs. Click here for details. Your band has a gig next weekend and the only place to practice is a storage unit you’re renting. There’s a tricky solo in the set, so you take an extra hour or so to nail it. It’s only when hunger strikes and you finally peel away for dinner that you notice it—that ringing sound. That obnoxious, stuffy, buzzing in your ears. You know it’s not good, but you’re not too worried. It always seems to clear up in a day or two. The problem is, that ringing isn’t clearing up, it’s a symptom of hearing damage. And although the effects may feel temporary, hearing damage is cumulative and irreversible…. [ Read the full article ]

Ultima Audio Group, Ltd. Appointed as New China Distributor

64 Audio logo and Ultima AudioGroup logoVANCOUVER, Wash., March 15, 2019 – 64 Audio, the leader in custom and universal fit in-ear monitors, is proud to announce that it has appointed Ultima Audio Group, Ltd. as its new distributor for the China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau markets, effective March 17th, 2019. “As 64 Audio continues to grow both domestically and internationally, we need a partner that shares our passion for music and one that is also a local expert to represent our brand exclusively in the important Chinese and surrounding markets,” said Stewart Millager, 64 Audio Chief Operating Officer. “Ultima Audio Group is a perfect fit. Its founding members have deep roots in music and supporting music lovers and professional musicians, as we do.” Ultima Audio Group, Ltd., based in… [ Read the full article ]