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The Benefits of Switching to a “Silent Stage”

One of the topics we hear come up time and time again is the idea of a “silent stage.”  This idea isn’t new by any means but has shown to be more prevalent lately with the advances in amp simulators, fx units, and electronic drums. What exactly is a “silent stage” you ask? Well, imagine you go to see your favorite band play. You move up close to the stage to catch a glimpse of the gear they’re playing and are shocked to see no amps on stage. A true “silent stage” would be set up so that there are no objects on the stage producing sound. This means no monitor wedges, no drum sub, no guitar/bass/key amps, and potentially no acoustic drums. We would… [ Read the full article ]

Employee Spotlight – David Lyashchina

For this month’s spotlight, we spoke to another vital technician here at 64 Audio. David Lyashchina is an experienced individual in the 64 Audio lab, having filled many different positions in his two years of employment. Prior to becoming part of the 64 Audio family, David was working in a retirement center. He was welcomed to the 64 team through his connections with the founder and his family. David has known the Belonozhko brothers since they were all kids – they all grew up together in the same community. One day, “Out of the blue,” David said, “Bogdan [our current CEO] texted me and said, ‘Hey, come in for an interview.” Shortly thereafter, David was hired as a technician in the lab. Back then, the… [ Read the full article ]

Employee Spotlight: Dave Chenk

  We hope that you enjoyed our last Employee Spotlight, which featured our beloved Dan Erickson. This time, we’re going to shine some light on one of the most unique and expressive members of the 64 Audio lab team – Dave Chenk. Dave Chenk has worked for 64 Audio for almost three years. According to him, that technically makes him “an old man at 64.”  Dave was one of 64’s first impression technicians, responsible for trimming raw impressions of customers’ ears into the signature shape of a finished 64 Audio IEM. Now, instead of working with the physical impressions, Dave uses a computer program to transform 3-D scanned impressions into digital 3-D IEM shells. The program that Dave uses is one that our technicians learned to… [ Read the full article ]

Employee Spotlight: Dan Erickson

  Dan Erickson has been a part of the 64 Audio family for almost two years now. Prior to coming to work for 64 Audio, he was repairing hearing aids for an audiologist. Not only did he arrive with a strong familiarity with repairs, but he boasts nearly 30 years of experience in the hearing industry. A couple of years ago, when Dan first came on board, every shell was poured by hand instead of printed with 3D technology. Dan was the technician who surfaced and drilled each empty IEM shell. He still does that for IEMs from previous generations that have been returned due to damage. Dan also inspects each newly printed shell as an early-action quality control before the shells are filled with… [ Read the full article ]

64 Audio – Employee Spotlight

64 Audio started with the discovery of a need for a higher quality personal audio solution for musicians, sound engineers, and audiophiles alike. The company was founded by Vitaliy Belonozhko, the second oldest of twelve, in 2010. What makes this company so uniquely different from any other IEM company is the artistic sound sculpting vision. Touring with the family band throughout the first decade of this century really gave Vitaliy a keen ear for what musicians need on stage. This vision lead the way to great success for his company. Vitaliy’s innovating enterprise is still both owned and operated by the Belonozhko family. 64 Audio represents more than just the Belonozhkos, though – we are a family of our own. We celebrate individual achievements as… [ Read the full article ]