Hearing Health: A Musician’s Perspective

Close up of James Mead wearing 64 Audio in-ear monitorsBeing able to listen to yourself as a musician is such a critical part of improving your skills and creating something new. We sat down with James Mead, our House of Worship Rep and guitarist and vocalist for Kutless, to get his take on what role hearing played in his career as a musician. Why don’t you start by telling us a bit about yourself. I am a founding member of the rock band, Kutless, and have toured professionally for over 17 years. I have been all over the world, almost to every continent, and met people from many different walks of life. I am passionate about evangelism and discipleship, and I feel strongly that those two practices must go hand-in-hand. In the spirit of… [ Read the full article ]

Reduce Listener Fatigue with apex™

64 Audio apex module sitting in front of black in-ear monitorAmong musicians, apex™ is one of our most talked about technologies, and for good reason. Apex, or Air Pressure Exchange, is a pneumatically interactive vent that alleviates air pressure in a sealed in the ear canal. This venting addresses the most common issues surrounding conventional custom in-ear monitors. Alleviate Listener Fatigue Listener fatigue, or ear fatigue, is common for most conventional custom in-ear monitors. When you cover your ears or wear solid earplugs, you might hear a hollow or boomy sound. This phenomenon is called the occlusion effect. When the sound waves from your in-ear monitor start moving that trapped air around, it causes your eardrum to oscillate in an attempt to compensate for the changing pressure. The apex module releases this pressure and allows… [ Read the full article ]

How to Protect Your Ears from Hearing Loss

64 audio in-ear monitors and custom earplugs sitting on a reflective black backgroundYour band has a gig next weekend and the only place to practice is a storage unit you’re renting. There’s a tricky solo in the set, so you take an extra hour or so to nail it. It’s only when hunger strikes and you finally peel away for dinner that you notice it—that ringing sound. That obnoxious, stuffy, buzzing in your ears. You know it’s not good, but you’re not too worried. It always seems to clear up in a day or two. The problem is, that ringing isn’t clearing up, it’s a symptom of hearing damage. And although the effects may feel temporary, hearing damage is cumulative and irreversible. Eventually, repeated exposure to loud sounds can lead to tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL)…. [ Read the full article ]

Ultima Audio Group, Ltd. Appointed as New China Distributor

64 Audio logo and Ultima AudioGroup logoVANCOUVER, Wash., March 15, 2019 – 64 Audio, the leader in custom and universal fit in-ear monitors, is proud to announce that it has appointed Ultima Audio Group, Ltd. as its new distributor for the China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau markets, effective March 17th, 2019. “As 64 Audio continues to grow both domestically and internationally, we need a partner that shares our passion for music and one that is also a local expert to represent our brand exclusively in the important Chinese and surrounding markets,” said Stewart Millager, 64 Audio Chief Operating Officer. “Ultima Audio Group is a perfect fit. Its founding members have deep roots in music and supporting music lovers and professional musicians, as we do.” Ultima Audio Group, Ltd., based in… [ Read the full article ]

3 New tia™, Tube-less In-Ear Monitors from 64 Audio

VANCOUVER, WA, November 22, 2017 – 64 Audio is proud to announce the launch of three new in-ear monitor products: the A12t, U12t, and tia Trió, all with the break-through, patent pending tia™ technology. The tia technology features the proprietary tia drivers, the tia single-bore, and the tia acoustic chambers. The tia driver is a unique, open balanced armature speaker that produces sound with a direct-radiating, fully unobstructed diaphragm. Coupled with this new driver is a single large sound bore that provides an extremely short path between the driver and the eardrum. This bore acts as a natural sound-shaping chamber, tuning the tia driver without long sound tubes that are used in conventional in-ear monitors. As a result, the tia drivers deliver an astonishingly clear,… [ Read the full article ]

The Benefits of Switching to a “Silent Stage”

One of the topics we hear come up time and time again is the idea of a “silent stage.”  This idea isn’t new by any means but has shown to be more prevalent lately with the advances in amp simulators, fx units, and electronic drums. What exactly is a “silent stage” you ask? Well, imagine you go to see your favorite band play. You move up close to the stage to catch a glimpse of the gear they’re playing and are shocked to see no amps on stage. A true “silent stage” would be set up so that there are no objects on the stage producing sound. This means no monitor wedges, no drum sub, no guitar/bass/key amps, and potentially no acoustic drums. We would… [ Read the full article ]

Tips & Tricks for Your IEMs

So, you’ve purchased a pair of in-ear monitors (or maybe you are thinking about it). They fit well, the seal is just right, you’re getting the isolation you desire, and the music clarity is out of this world. But you want to know more. How do you keep them clean? What other audio equipment do you use them with? How high should that volume really be? What kind of accessories can make my experience better? We thought we would share some of our industry secrets on how to get the most out of your in-ear monitors (IEMs).   Let’s Start with Gear… You will need a quality pair of in-ear monitors that fit well. The seal on an IEM is a big part of its… [ Read the full article ]

64 Audio Wins Important Victory at the U.S. Patent Office

VANCOUVER, WA, July 20, 2017 – 64 Audio (formerly 1964 Ears) is pleased to announce that on July 19, 2017, the U.S. Patent Trial & Appeal Board (PTAB) ruled in favor of 64 Audio, finding all claims of U.S. Patent No. 8,897,463, held by Jerry Harvey Audio Holdings (JH Audio), unpatentable.  A copy of the PTAB’s ruling can be found here. The claims found to be unpatentable are directed to a dual high frequency driver in-ear monitor.  JH Audio asserted the claims against 64 Audio in a lawsuit filed December 2014.  64 Audio sought PTAB review of the dual high frequency driver claims in January 2016.  64 Audio is happy with the PTAB’s ruling, as it solidifies the company’s long-held belief that the dual high frequency driver… [ Read the full article ]

In-Ear Monitor, Earphone, Headphone, Earbud…What’s the Difference?

We at 64 Audio frequently hear many different terms when customers refer to their personal listening equipment. Headphones, earphones, in-ear monitors, earbuds… they are all the same right? Although all are popular pieces of audio gear, they are actually very different from each other. But what exactly are the differences between each of these devices? Lets dive in and give you a better understanding.   Headphones These devices, nicknamed “cans,” are speakers attached to a headband. They are often equipped with serious noise-cancelling properties that enhance the listening experience by eliminating ambient sound. Headphones can either rest on top of the ears (supra-aurals) or around the ears (circumaurals) of the wearer. Due to their size, headphones can house larger, more powerful drivers that tend to outcompete… [ Read the full article ]

Things are Looking Good Around Here

Case Artwork  You know us at 64 Audio, we love to make great things even greater… We also love to personalize, hence our custom-fit in-ear monitors with custom artwork. So what about the carrying case? Introducing the option to add custom artwork to the carrying case!   This artwork addition is sleek and crisp, stepping up the game for your personalized gear. We use a unique UV printing and curing process to ensure that the artwork stays put, even when its tossed around in your bag or stuffed in with other music equipment. This beautiful high-quality custom artwork can be added to the top or bottom of your case for just $99 per side.  This case is also protective, durable yet extremely ergonomic. It features a wrap and lock mechanism to keep the cable neatly wound. There is… [ Read the full article ]

What is an In-Ear Monitor (IEM)?

Over the last four decades, innovations in technology have changed the way we experience music. One of the biggest changes was the introduction of in-ear monitors. In-ear monitors, sometimes known as earphones, are finding their way into the ears of musicians, sound engineers and audiophiles alike. But many are still wondering, what is an in-ear monitor? Questions still arise as these small, but impactful, pieces of audio equipment keep surfacing on the music scene.  Originally created for musicians and sound engineers, in-ear monitors (IEMs) are a relatively new type of earphone designed for optimum audio enhancement while creating isolation from external sound. Musicians previously preferred wedge monitors for this type of musical feedback. But the age of amplification (think the rise of rock and roll) lead to a serious… [ Read the full article ]

Trade Shows: 64 Audio’s Lifeline

64Audio at NAMM in 2016We often don’t get as many chances as we would like to meet our customers in person. Customers we like to call our 64 Family. We are typically up to our ears in innovating audio technology, so when we get to step outside of our lab for a trade show, we get really excited. Trade shows have been a path for us to connect with our customers, fans and all members of our growing 64 Family. They have become a big part of our schedule every year, but things weren’t always this way. In the beginning, back when we were 1964 Ears, we catered primarily to local musicians and audiophiles who were driven to have the latest and greatest audio technology.  But other professionals who needed custom… [ Read the full article ]

From 1964 Ears to 64 Audio: A Company Timeline

64 Audio's original logoThis year, we are celebrating our 7th anniversary! Some of you have been with us since the very start, but for those who are more recent additions to the 64 Audio family, we wanted to publish a company timeline to show how far we have come and highlight some of the exciting developments that have happened here over the years. 2010: Vitaliy Belonozkho Establishes 1964 Ears, LLC 1964 Ears was founded by Vitaliy Belonozhko, a sound engineer who has been working with musicians and production companies in the Northwest for over a decade. Not long into his career, he discovered the advantages of IEMs over traditional floor “wedges.” After trying out a few brands, it was apparent that a better and a more affordable solution to in-ear monitoring was needed.  October 2010:… [ Read the full article ]

U18 Tzar and tia Fourté Shipping Announcement

Here They Come! Back in November 2016, we publicized the release of three new models – the A18 Tzar, U18 Tzar, and tia Fourté. The A18 Tzars have been shipping from the lab since February and we are now thrilled to announce that the Fourté and U18s have begun to ship out as well! We appreciate our customers’ patience as they have expectantly awaited the arrival of their new products. We assure that the wait will have been worth it for these first-of-their-kind in-ear monitors. Our U18 Tzar features the proprietary tia high driver as well as the tia single-bore design. Along with its custom counterpart, the A18, this is the first 18-driver model on the market. With its unique design and configuration, the U18 promises… [ Read the full article ]

Order Now, Pay Later with Affirm

64 Audio has teamed up with Affirm to give you a simple way to make your purchase. Your dream pair of in-ear monitors is more attainable than ever with financing options from Affirm. Pay over time, and on your terms. There are no hidden costs or surprises, so you’ll know exactly what you’ll owe before you commit.   How Does It Work?* In a few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to enjoying a new set of in-ear monitors!    Choose the IEMs of Your Dreams Click the Affirm Prequalify button on the product page of your favorite IEMs, or select Affirm at checkout to open their short questionnaire.   Prequalify with Affirm Signing up with Affirm is quick and simple, just enter a few pieces… [ Read the full article ]

Correcting the Record

apex moduleDear valued 64 Audio™ customers, It has recently come to our attention that our previous business partner, Asius Technologies, LLC has been publicizing misinformation about our company and products. While it is our preference to focus our time and attention on our products and our customers, we believe it is necessary to address some of the allegations that have been made. The relationship between 64 Audio and Asius was non-exclusive and ended because of different visions and styles of business operation. We broke no agreements during our relationship with Asius and even invited them to let us know of any specific concerns they had so that we could look into them. Asius came forward with no concerns as a result of that invitation.  It has… [ Read the full article ]

U18t & Fourté – tia Products Update

We have some very exciting news to announce: our apex technology is now officially patent pending!  The U18 and Fourté aluminum shells have arrived and the colors look absolutely gorgeous; the shells are ready to be made into the worlds first 18 driver IEMs. We also have an update on the custom A18 models. Most of them are coming off the production line, but there are some slight delays with packaging and the cable.  The tia compatible cable is brand new and has a fresh look on the outside with a matte black finish and has a totally redesigned inside with an oxygen-free silver plated copper wire that has been paired specifically with the tia system.  Every tia product is hand assembled by a highly skilled technician… [ Read the full article ]

Employee Spotlight – David Lyashchina

For this month’s spotlight, we spoke to another vital technician here at 64 Audio. David Lyashchina is an experienced individual in the 64 Audio lab, having filled many different positions in his two years of employment. Prior to becoming part of the 64 Audio family, David was working in a retirement center. He was welcomed to the 64 team through his connections with the founder and his family. David has known the Belonozhko brothers since they were all kids – they all grew up together in the same community. One day, “Out of the blue,” David said, “Bogdan [our current CEO] texted me and said, ‘Hey, come in for an interview.” Shortly thereafter, David was hired as a technician in the lab. Back then, the… [ Read the full article ]

64 Audio is proud to unveil tia™, Tubeless In-ear Audio

The end of the year is swiftly approaching, and 64 Audio is thrilled to end 2016 with a bang! Just in time for Black Friday, we have launched our revolutionary tia technology. This ground-breaking innovation is featured in our three new in-ear models, the tia™ Fourté™, U18t Tzar™, and A18t Tzar™. We broke all the rules this time to bring you the best of new technology and 8 years of experience designing world-class in-ear monitors. What makes the Fourté™, the U18t, and the A18t so unique is our proprietary tia system. This new technology features the proprietary tia™ drivers, the tia single-bore, and the tia acoustic chambers. The tia driver stands apart as an open balanced armature design that produces sound with a direct-radiating, fully… [ Read the full article ]

For the Love of 64 Audio: Skeptic to Supporter

Our customer service representatives here at 64 Audio are usually the first to hear the praises from new owners of our IEMs. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of working for a company that produces a high-quality product that people really enjoy and appreciate. Luckily for the rest of us, the news of especially happy customers spreads throughout the team so that we all get to enjoy the positive feedback. Today, we wanted to share some of that feedback with you. The following is an email that was sent to our customer service department from Rusty, a former anti-in-ear monitor musician and the owner of a brand new pair of A8s. Continue reading to see how the A8s changed his perspective on in-ear… [ Read the full article ]

Employee Spotlight: Laurin Maurer

This next Employee Spotlight is a very special one, in that we have the pleasure of introducing the voice behind the previous spotlight articles — Laurin Maurer.  Laurin is a recent high school graduate and at just 18 years of age, has been an incredibly impactful employee here at 64 Audio. She has worked here for about a year and a half now and got her start at the company through a previous job at a popular fast food chain.  Before 64 Audio moved to Vancouver, WA, we were located in North Portland, OR, directly across from the fast food restaurant that Laurin was working at at the time. At our 10am break time, like clockwork, a group of guys from 64 Audio (then 1964… [ Read the full article ]

The Beginning of Real Wood Faceplates

Five years ago, 64 Audio was in its first stages of development, still taking orders in paper form, and employing only a handful of people, mostly friends and relatives of the company’s founder Vitaliy Belonozhko. A lot has changed since then, and there has been a lot of innovation here. One of the things that has changed is the appearance of our products, notably the faceplate options that we have offered. We just recently introduced some brand new options – gold, rose gold, and glow in the dark.  What about one of the old classics, though? Here is the story of how one of our vintage faceplates (real wood) came to be offered on our earphones:   This idea first came from Roman Belonozhko, who… [ Read the full article ]

Regarding the end of 64 Audio’s partnership with ADEL

  Dear Customers, There have been a lot of questions about some recent changes at 64 Audio, namely the switch from ADEL to apex technology. Many of you are wondering why 64 Audio will no longer be selling ADEL modules with our products. I wanted to answer some of your questions and shed some light on the situation. ADEL technology was created, owned, and manufactured by a third party – Asius Technologies, LLC. 64 Audio partnered with Asius Technologies back in August, 2014, due to a shared vision. We felt that ADEL was a much-needed solution to the pneumatic pressure issues that conventional in-ear monitors created. Our partnership allowed us to offer our customers protection for their hearing, something that was and still is very… [ Read the full article ]

Introducing the apex™ & tia™ Technologies

VANCOUVER, WA, July 28, 2016 – 64 Audio, a worldwide leader in in-ear monitors, has today unveiled two new breakthrough technologies. As a global industry leader in premier in-ear monitors, 64 Audio is proud to introduce apex™, a new and improved in-ear technology, and the tia™ – a first of its kind, tubeless in-ear audio system. 64 Audio’s apex stands for Air Pressure Exchange. It features a pneumatically interactive vent that relieves pneumatic pressure (also known as air pressure) caused by miniature speakers placed in a sealed ear canal. With the apex technology, these pressures are greatly reduced, the sound quality is improved, and the stereo image is much wider. Additionally, instrument separation is more distinguishable because the sound is delivered to the eardrum in a more natural way…. [ Read the full article ]

Employee Spotlight: Alex Polyakov

Previously, we wrote about Alex Belonozhko, a lab technician who has been on the cutting edge of our A-Series and U-Series product lines. Today, we are proud to introduce Alex Polyakov, the employee that has been with 64 Audio since the very beginning.  Our founder, Vitaly Belonozhko, received a lot of support from his family in the earliest stages of 64 Audio’s development, but Alex was the very first full-time employee that he brought on at 1964 Ears (now 64 Audio). “I was the first full time employee after Vitaly…He needed somebody for the all of the office stuff so that he could focus on the lab… so I handled everything that wasn’t production – artists, accounting, order processing. This was actually right after they… [ Read the full article ]

The Danger of Wearing Only One IEM

We all know that in-ear monitors (IEMS) were designed to solve two issues: Save hearing and improve audio quality on stage. But if used incorrectly they may actually fail to do both. It is far too often that we see musicians and performers with one earpiece dangling on their chest. While it works as a nice wardrobe accessory it is actually dangerous to your hearing health. We’ll try to explain. There is a known phenomenon call binaural summation. You don’t have to remember the words but rather understand the concept. When you take one earpiece out, you lose 6db of perceived loudness. To compensate, most musicians will turn the volume up by about 6db (twice the loudness), which can be fatiguing and damaging to the ear…. [ Read the full article ]

Employee Spotlight: Alex Belonozhko

Ready for another inspiring young go-getter from the 64 Audio lab? Alex Belonozhko is another 19 year-old who has shown us his proclivity for fast learning. He has played a vital role at 64 Audio, often leading the way in the lab at the introduction of new products. Alex was just 16 years old when he was introduced to 64 Audio, (then 1964 Ears). He first heard about the company from his family, which is no surprise, seeing as Vitaly Belonozhko (64 Audio’s founder) is his older brother. When he visited the lab one Saturday, it definitely caught his attention.   “I saw what Vitaly was doing, which was assembly… and I pretty much told him that I wanted to do that job…He had so… [ Read the full article ]

Introducing the A1 Custom IEM

To kick off the summer of 2016, 64 Audio is releasing our brand new A1 Custom In-Ear Monitor (IEM). This new product is the most affordable Custom IEM with ADEL Technology on the market today, sold for only $499. The A1 is perfect for emerging artists or bands, houses of worship, and anyone looking to purchase a high-value custom product at a reasonable price. This is a low-profile, low driver-count, low cost IEM with a big sound and a big value.     Like all 64 Audio A-series in-ear monitors, the A1 is a hand-crafted product made to fit the unique shape of your ears. Due to the custom fit, they are inherently noise-cancelling. The A1s are designed to work with a wide range of personal… [ Read the full article ]