V-Series to A-Series Upgrade

Have a 64 AUDIO V-Series IEM?

Upgrade it to A-Series for $499

If you own a pair of V8, V6-S, Qi, or V3 in-ear monitors (IEMs), you can upgrade to an A8, A6, A4, or A3 pair of IEMs, respectively, for $499. To get started, enter in your serial number to upgrade your IEM. Upgrading requires sending in your original V-Series IEM.

Upon receiving your upgraded order, you will receive an extended 2 Year Warranty and a new 64 Audio Personalized Case!

Note: You must send in your current V-Series IEMs for this upgrade.
This upgrade program ends on December 31st, 2017

*Any premium customizations are extra and not included in base price of $499. Your upgraded pair of in-ears will be made from a new shell, because of this, you will need to make a new set of impressions at a local audiologist and mail them in with your V-Series IEM. If you have any questions, please contact customer service at support@64audio.com or call 1-503-746-8510.

Serial Number

Having trouble locating your serial number? The serial is the numbers highlighted below. Note: the model number (e.g. A6) is not to be included in the serial when filling out the form.

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