So far, we have showcased a couple of our most valuable veterans in our lab. This time, we’re going to shed some light on one of the newer additions to the 64 Audio family.

Ella Ladunska, one of our youngest lab technicians, has been working with us for about six months. Even in that short time, this 19 year-old has rapidly acquired a wide range of skills, becoming an integral technician in our Universal Lab.


Ella heard of an open position at 64 Audio from her sister, who was hired a few months before her. She had no prior experience with hearing equipment, electronics, or assembly – Before 64 Audio, she worked for a popular fast food chain. All of her training was received at our lab, and she took to it with remarkable speed.


Initially, Ella spent a few months soldering internal components for our A-series IEMs.

When our U-series lab really started to take off, Ella switched over to working on our universal line. Being part of a new and expanding lab has given her the opportunity to learn many more skills. Now, not only can she solder, but she can also place tubes in the bores (the holes in the canals), process shells, assemble, apply logos, and install faceplates. That variety is one thing that really attracts Ella to the Universal Lab: “I like the U-series better. Over here, I got to learn a lot more…”


When the Universal Lab is ahead of schedule, Ella gets to use her variety of skills to help other stations, but she also has a usual station: “Mostly I assemble and process shells, and then sometimes when we are far ahead I do faceplates or sand…”

In assembly, Ella combines the signature acrylic shape that we all see with the drivers that produce the sound that you love. “I get just shells. First I process them – I cure them and then I sand the tips. After, I get the drivers (they’re already tubed) and I put them into the shell.”

The opportunity to learn many different stations is not the only thing that Ella enjoys about the Universal Lab:

“I love my team. I love my managers. I just, I don’t know, I love everything about it.”

We love to hear that Ella enjoys her work environment so much. When we asked her about 64 Audio’s impact on her life, this is what she told us:

“It made my life a lot easier. Perfect schedule, everyone here is like family…and I know what I want to do for my career now – grow here.”


Ella recently interviewed for a few new positions that opened up in our growing production labs. We are glad to hear (and she was pleased to share) that she was promoted to a junior lab manager just recently. She has every intention of continuing to build her skill set and her experience in order to move up into higher management here at 64 Audio.


And that wasn’t the only exciting news that she had to share. Ella is newly-engaged and very happy that her “perfect [work] schedule” allows her to attend appointments and plan her wedding without hassle.

She might be hearing wedding bells, but at work, Ella usually listens to a blend of piano instrumental, worship, and country music on a company-owned pair of U6s, which she says are “awesome.”


She also plays the piano, but her musical career got off to a rocky childhood start. She tells us:

“I really hated it. Because, especially during summer, all the kids were playing outside and my mom would say, “You have to practice at least one hour every day,” and I’d reply “Mom but everyone is outside.’” So Ella quit the piano for several years. As a teenager, she was reintroduced to playing and rediscovered her passion for it.

“I tried it and I loved it. And ever since, I have played…”

Now, Ella plays the piano regularly for worship and youth sessions with her church.


64 Audio’s Universal Lab is fortunate to have such a versatile and ambitious technician on our team and we are honored that she has chosen to make 64 Audio her career.

Congratulations on your engagement, Ella!



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